Monday, August 22, 2011

B1A4 in Singapore - Fan Account (SUPER DUPER LATE)

7 August - Arrival of My Banana Boys

So they are finally here! I was as excited as any SG BANA out there and I cabbed down to the airport right after my school and the barricades were already up. I got myself a good position just outside the entrance, right behind the barricades which meant no blockage! Yay! :D So the boys came out at around 3pm and fans went crazy shouting for them. They didn't rush out, they walked very patiently greeting fans, receiving flowers. I got my camera ready for a fantastic fancam because my position was damn ideal for it. But that wasn't the case! In fact something better happened!

Yingying asked if I could help her pass her bag of candies to the boys since I was standing in front and I wanted to pass my banana to them as well. So I put my banana inside together with hers and when the boys came out, one hand was trying to film them and the other, stretching as far out as possible for anyone of the boys to get the bag from me.

First out came, Baro. Oh my god he was so cute in person! His eyes were so round like fishballs! Here's a picture of him that I took!

And yes, he saw me with the bag but he was blocked by a security so he didn't walk towards me BUT Sandeul did! Oh my goodness you have no idea how elated I was! Sandeul is my bias (as if not obvious enough) and he saw me trying to pass the bag and he walked towards me and took the bag!!!!!! :D And the funny was, I didn't care where my camera was pointing at... So my fantastic fancam turned out shitty. BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT. Someone took a fancam of this whole wonderful incident! Whoever you are, I love you. ♥

Can you see that black camera at the bottom? Hahaha that's the camera I'm holding onto! I remembered when Sandeul took the bag from me, I wanted to shake his hand but my hands were full and my dumb hand didn't release the bag because I was so ✧‿✧ seeing him that near to me until he bowed twice and then I realized it. -___- And I totally went crazzzzzzzzy after that. I will never forget the way he looked at me and how small his eyes were that day. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8 August - Press Conference and Meet & Greet + Fansign

Woke up early and all ready to attend the boys' Press Conference held at Jewel Box! Thanks to Sharing Yoochun, I was asked to stand in for them to attend this event. So, any photos or videos seen here from the Press Conference were taken by me and Mallory but they all belongs to Sharing Yoochun. So please credit properly if you wanna use them on other sites. :)

I was so nervous yet excited because it was my first time attending a Press Conference. I had to keep in mind that I am that not as a fan, but as a person from the Media. So work comes first. It started very punctually and Baro was so cute! He came int too early ALONE and had to be escorted out again. All of us laughed. And after a while, all of them came in and I tried to take a polaroid of Sandeul because I was at the aisle where they will walk past but failed. I pressed the shutter too early. -﹏- Oh well. And the Press Conference started. The lighting of the place was really bad, with the light coming from the back instead on them. So my videos were quite over exposed.

Gongchan was the only one that kept looking at my directions doing his ageyo with his face. Oh god, how annoying (in a good way)! I had to concentrate but this boy over here just kept distracting me! But I was glad I did manage to get the boys' attention here and there, for everyone was like moving all around to get the best view of them and to get them looking at their direction.

I didn't manage to ask any of my questions. And I believe most of my questions are what fans really wanna know from the boys, instead of some really useless questions asked. I was totally rolling my eyes when I heard what some had to ask. Didn't you people do your homework before coming up with a question? And the translator did a very bad job. Pfffftt. Anyway, check out the video! Sorry for the shakiness, I didn't had a tripod and I had to keep moving to avoid being blocked.

After which, Mallory and I made our way down to Illuma at Bugis for their Meet & Greet! Both of us bought the fansign ticket and I didn't regret it a single bit. I'm sure all of those who bought the fansign tickets agree with me! ^^

The crowd was screaming like crazy when the boys arrived. I didn't really bother to take any photos but only a fancam beacause I wanted to really enjoy myself by just looking at them and not through the viewfinder. And before I took this fancam, my position was in right smack in the middle but at the last row and there wasn't anyone blocking my view. So when CNU was somewhat looking at my direction, I did a heart sign over my head and he saw!!!! And he did it back to me! I was totally being an ass for I straight away went to say, "Jealous not?!" jokingly to Mallory. He was her bias you see. So she did that to him and CNU probably saw the jealously and did it back to her as well! Mallory is now a happy noona. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Baro was totally cute and so into himself. He goes, "When I say Ba, you say Ro. Ba?" "RO!" "Ba?" "RO!" It was so loud! Reminds me of Hoya though lol. Oh, here's the one and only pathetic fancam I took. Mainly focused on Sandeul of course. ^^

The boys' fanservice were amazing. As if free of charge. They were totally looking at every fan with such loving eyes and smiling so widely at everyone, making all of us even happier and screaming even louder. A girl beside me, a Gongchan fan, was screaming real hysterically I swear I almost went deaf.

Anyhow, the Meet & Greet was started off with the High-five category. BANAs (still hate this name) happily went up the stage for their 10 seconds of fame with the boys – interlocking two hands with all of themc while they look you into the eyes with their awesome white teeth. And you can see every BANA leaving the stage with a huge huge grin from their left cheek to their right cheek.

And at the queue, I was busily rehearsing what I wanna say to the boys in Korean in case I screw it all up. Got myself and my heart ready and somehow, I managed to be the second last fan to get my album signed! And that takes skill ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ The last fan was an Indonesian BANA. I had like a pink box that contains my cubee crafts, a paper bag of presents, which consisted a t-shirt, that was to be given only to Sandeul, 5 bananas for them each, handphone pouches which I sewed for them and a random Hello Kitty watch I bought from McDonalds. Hahahaha that watch was such a random present because I thought it was cute and that Sandeul might like it. I wanted to get them each but that would be 6 Happy Meals will bar me from nuggets and cheeseburgers for 6 months. So in the end I only got 2... One for me and one for Sandeul; CHEAPO BUT CUTE COUPLE WATCHES HAHAHAHA.

So it was finally my turn! My hands were full plus I was given an album for them to sign on. When I walked up to the stage, each step was as heavy yet as light. I was so so keyed up and excited yet scared at the same time (don't ask me why) and I was very afraid that I will go all mute when my turn comes.

First up was pretty boy Jinyoung. His makeup was thick! WHY. But he was nevertheless, handsome. I passed him my pink box and then his handphone pouch. He was already signing my album and I quickly said, "어제는 내 생일!" Which meant yesterday was my birthday. But I was shouting in his face. -__- Because the speakers were just beside us and the music was so loud! And he was shouting back, "Oh? Oh! Happy birthday!" He then shook my hand and gave me a high-five. ^-^

Next was cutie fishball pie Baro! I passed him his handphone pouch. He said thank you and signed my album. I was pretty shocked due to his rather... poor complexion. There were some acne scars. But he is still so cute! I said the same thing to him and he went, "OH? Your birthday? Birthday?!" with his eyes wide opened and I was nodding like mad and he grabbed my hands and wished me, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" He was shouting. It was as if he was more excited than me lol.

Then it was Gongchan... I had so much of his ageyo in the afternoon during the Press Con and he was always in my face so I just passed him his handphone pouch and smiled. He said thank you like a polite kid. I can't really remember if I told him about the birthday thing though... But he was so happy he gave me a high-five. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Silly kid. And I had so much time left with him but I was only eager to meet Sandeul that I went straight to him. Sorry darling.

Up next was my favvvvvvvvvvourite! Sandeul! ♥ His was the most important! I mustn't screw up. So when I was done with Gongchan, Mallory who was before me wasn't done with Sandeul. So I used his handphone pouch and tapped on his hand. And then he finally finished and took a look at me while I passed him the handphone pouch. He said thank you and was signing and I then passed him the watch and said, "착용하세요!" I didn't know if he heard it but I continued saying yesterday was my birthday and please write a Happy Birthday (생일축하) on my album but I guessed he only heard the first part and with both of his hands, shook mine and smiling till I can't see his eyes. I swore I didn't wanna let go of his hand. I was... in love. (。♥‿♥。) ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Last but not least, CNU! My moment with him was just hilarious and somewhat unglam. Because by then I realized none of them wrote a Happy Birthday so I had my last chance at this. I shamelessly put almost the whole of my upper body on the table, that I was so near his face I swear I could just kiss him if I wanted but he wasn't my bias but just said, "어제는 내 생일! 생일축하 써주세요!!!" And I know my time with them was almost up so I was frantically repeating it and saying "빨리!빨리!" and he was giggling away and quickly wrote an almost illegible Happy Birthday with a heart! ♡ Oh boy was I elated! ^-^ I bet he must be thinking, "오마갓. 미친여자..." or something hahahaha. And of course I left the stage feeling all fuzzy and overjoyed yet still very excited.

Here's the photo of my shameless half body on the table, credits to Reer Media!

And here's my album!

See that "Hapy Birhday ♡" on the bottom right? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

And then they boys danced the sprout dance again as an ending and took a group photo with all the BANAs in the background. But! What I didn't realise was, SANDEUL WAS ALREADY WEARING MY HELLO KITTY WATCH. I knew this after the showcase and everything else when a photographer from mykplayground saw my Hello Kitty watch that I was wearing and asked if I gave one to Sandeul. I was taken aback alittle and she told me she had captured photos of Sandeul wearing my watch. YOU HAD NO IDEA HOW ASALKSFJLKAF I FELT. I even went to find photos and fancams to see if it was really true and holy gochujang someone hold me!!!!!

I love that Unnie please!!!!! Because from what I know, the staff kept all the fangifts as quickly as we had passed to them. But she passed it back to Sandeul!!!!!! (╯‿╰、) Happens at around 0:43 at the end of the video. UNNIE WHOEVER YOU ARE, 널 사랑해요!!! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ♥♥♥

Here are some fancams which I've found that shows Sandeul wearing my watch! :D

At the very beginning of the video:

At 1:13:

And lastly this! It's more obvious after 0:15:

And here are some photos of him wearing the Hello Kitty watch! Credits to all you awesome people!!! ♥

Here's how the watch looks like:

Now you BANAs can all go buy a Happy Meal and have the same watch as him! ^-^ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Hmmm I wonder if he's keeping it though...

9 August - Happy National Day! First Showcase in Singapore!

Finally their showcase! I had so much fun x100000000000 Fanservice was just top notch and the boys were so hilarious! I love how they were just being their true selves, not afraid of being unglam or anything else like that. I was laughing away like crazy and doing stupid stunts and gestures (as usual) to suit the boys HAHA. There were games played with lucky fans chosen from the lucky dip of tickets and I HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING.


Alright, I shall let my (pathetic few) fancams speak for themselves! ^-^ Enjoy~

The fanchants were amazing, loud and clear. I'm pretty sure that made the boys very happy. ^-^ All in all the whole showcase was so so enjoyable I wished it lasted forever. I really had so much fun laughing my ass off and cheering for them and screaming when they serenaded to that lucky BANA. ㅠ^ㅠ

August Baby Private Party

I guess this what most BANAs wanna know; what happened and what did we do. There were about >70 BANAs born in August for this event. We were all led to a room, pretty small, and in the middle of the room was a table filled with a chocolate birthday cake and some snacks. Everyone, like with some animal instinct, crowd around the table so much that we were asked to move back so that the boys have space to stand behind the table for the photo session. Of course nobody wanted to budge, everyone wanted a secure place so as to be as close to the boys as possible when they arrive. I got so fed up I moved to the side. Everyone was as excited as a simile and began making noises. The staff then told us not to scream or shout when the boys arrive because the room is so small, their screams will probably blow the cake away. And reminded them about the boys' safety and their own's. My goodness, the way some girls reacted when they came in was just -__- It's either they've never seen 5 handsome boys before in their lives or they are just plain hysterical. #justsaying

And after a few minutes or so, the boys came into the room. I was standing at a damn strategic location because the moment they stepped into the room, they all smiled at me. I was directly across the door way and they all past me like a breezeeeeeeee as if there was wind blowing on them as they walked. (♥‿♥)

I believed CNU recognized me. From afar he was smiling to me and when all of them stood behind the table, he was just there smiling and nodding at me. Must be he've seen me around too much for the past two days and he probably remembers that I was that insane girl asking for a Happy Birthday signature. But his smile was just gorgeoussssss! *melts*

And as the boys walked in, some girls who don't understand English were screaming away. DUDE, THEY ARE JUST 10CM AWAY FROM YOU. -___-  Everyone took photos together and yes, everyone that was near the boys tried to stick their faces next to theirs. It was hilarious to even watch, my goodness. And then the staff had this special candle that will lit up with a sparkle instead of the normal kind. And at this time, there was this girl back-hugging Baro from the back and you can tell Baro was damn disturbed but didn't do anything about it. Girl, you should have seen his face. Gongchan was staring at the staff lilting up the sparkle candle, CNU still smiling at I don't know who, Sandeul was totally in his own world it was so cute that I kept staring, Jinyoung waving to the girls at the back and Baro being molested.

I wanted to get a clear view of the boys and I didn't care less if I was in the picture. So I moved forward and stood where all the photographers stood. AND BOY DID I HAD A CLEAR VIEW OF EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. I kept staring at Sandeul, he was just so cute with his :O face staring at the sparkle like an innocent boy that I wanna pinch his cheeks so badly and go awwww. Hahaha. We then sang the birthday song in both Korean and English and took more group photos. And when I saw Jinyoung was pretty free I went up to him (since he was the nearest to me) and asked him if he had studied in Singapore before when he was young in Korean. Remember that rumour? Yea, I wanted to hear it from the man himself and he gave me a O.o look and said 아니~ very politely and smiled. Oh my god my soul was almost gone from that smile!

Then soon after, they have to leave the room. I don't know why I just followed and called out to Sandeul, he turned but I couldn't say anything and was stopped by the staff. -__- And we were asked to go back, damn. A few seconds later, Gongchan came back and we were all asked to stand in a line to receive a small token from him. But prepared by Reer of course. Me and Jolyn were the most chilled BANAs there at that time. Simply because Gongchan wasn't my bias, not sure for her though. So we both just sat at the couch while waiting for everyone else to get their turn. And when it was our turn, I went before Jolyn. Gongchan was all smiley and being cute and said, "Hello!" while I just said, "누나" pointing to self. And he went, "오! 누나! 안녕하세요!" I took the gift without even looking at him and said, "Yea, 생일축하~" and walked away. The staff was shocked at how calm I was. Because the rest were so excited and happy but I just gave a straight face lol. Sorry Gongchan I didn't mean to... 누나 do loves you just that... You are not my bias. =X

LOL. And he is damn tall please! I was wearing my high wedges you know!

And that ends my meeting with my banana boys. Nope, didn't stalk them to USS nor to Raffles Town Club or to the airport. But when I watched their departure of them saying something to the fans before they leave for the CIP terminal, I was a little crushed inside. :( I miss them already and and and I don't know. I never had so much fun with any idols before and they are really jems to be kept.

I teared watching this fancam... Did you? Sigh. Oh well. A goodbye only means a new hello the next time. :)

So till then, 팬나나는 기다릴 것이다. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥