Wednesday, July 6, 2011

B1A4 Cubee Craft

So by now everyone knows B1A4 is coming to town this August during the National Day period. And I am so excited to meet them! ^-^ I think they are a rookie to watch out for, other than Block B. So since I had some free time now, for I will be damn busy and tight with schedules once I start teaching August, why not I make something for them? Okay it's also because I wanna give the boys something too... ㅋㅋㅋ And I designed and made cubeecraft for them! My first time doing chibis too! ^-^ (PS: I know this is not really a painting but it's still considered fanart, right? :B )

I did one one these before when Hyun Joong came to Singapore. So I thought of making them again! This time it was more personalized and I love them in leopard prints so I decided to design with reference to this photo:

I paid a lot of attention to the tones of the leopard prints (notice how different the colours are for each member) and even the design of their T-shirt! And Baro's cap was a killer. I cracked my brain for quite some time to put the whole design altogether. His cap has a chain and spikes! Even pins! But I took that away.
I took about 2 weeks to get all 5 designs done. *wipes sweat*

And now I'll present you all of them! First up is...

Maknae Gongchan! ^w^

Then our Leader Jinyoung! ^-^

Hello there CNU~ ^v^

And my bias, Sandeul!!! ♥^o^♥

Last but not least, and the most challenging one...

Rapper Baro! ^w^

Close-up of his cap.

I know my handwriting is ugly. ㅠ-ㅠ

Fly B1A4~! ♥

8월에 다들을 보자!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (。◕‿◕。)

PS: I don't know if anyone reads this blog but if you happen to pass by and want to share these pictures, by all means! But please take them out with full credits. I spent a lot of time on them so yea. Enjoy! ^^


  1. hi~~ just saw your tweet was RT-ed by manager's B1A4, Inro. ahahaa.
    and i found this blog on your timeline.
    wooooww, cute cube craft >.<

    i wanna them ahahaaaa..
    they was made by yourself, right?
    how creative!


  2. hello! thank you thank you glad you liked them! :)
    haha yep i made them myself hehe thank you dear ^-^

  3. hey thoughts are awesome!!
    you should make them dowloadable so we can print them out too :)

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  5. How did you make the template? ^^;

  6. If you receive this message, please answer for me.
    I love your patterns and want to collect.
    Facebook: Wesley Nguyen

  7. If you receive this message, please answer for me.
    I love your patterns and want to collect.
    Thank you so much ^-^
    Facebook: Wesley Nguyen